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big pile of dirt

moving around a pile of dirt into ridges, leaving the trenches the dirt came from next to the ridges…well, even to the most ardent archaeological student, the said formations are about as exciting as watching toast burn. …and this is … Continue reading

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Rightly dividing The Word Of Truth: Back to a verse-less Bible

Hey, I wrote this for people to read. So..here it is again.

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things your pastor never told you: in the original- no chapters, no verses

The first New Testament had no chapter and no verse, that was added much later. if the Word itself states that nothing should be added to the Word, doesn’t that mean we should have Bibles without chapter and verse? the … Continue reading

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climbing the steps of history

the steps to Thornhill hug the side of a steep hill, peopled with seasoned and scrawny trees, and blanketed by a healthy dose of autumn leaves… …remarkable for digging into the soil and staying for over 130 years… with a … Continue reading

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