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a moment’s indulgence in a summer painting

shades of green and blue…and white…summer’s palette…simmering…framed by sunlight. impossible to paint, to capture the material…and the spiritual…i am astounded by the beauty You create…

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from Fort Boreman: a live art show in photos

in case you forgot, or you just do not know, a creator was necessary to make everything around you. the idea that random slime went off-cocked, bamming around into other half-cocked atoms and radical charged particles, consequently creating confusingly complex … Continue reading

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the lost years…or, “give me one more hour of sleep!”

So…I was reading through the news when I saw an article about sleeping. The article claimed that a ninety year old will have slept thirty years of his or her life. So, that would mean that he or she was … Continue reading

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Meeting my favorite artist

I didn’t have it on my “bucket list.” I had no idea he would be there. But when I walked into the art gallery this evening, my favorite living artist stood near my favorite painting in the whole wide world. … Continue reading

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love is a many freckled thing…

Like an epiphany of unexpected grace, I find much beauty in a lovely freckled face. She may be Russian, she may be French, she may live in a glen, or near a stone bench. A work of art the master … Continue reading

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Reclaim the culture

Bad poetry is like dry scalp- you want to scratch it till it goes away. I felt that way this evening as I stood, squinting in the sun, as a man ranted dismembered words full of angst at the sky, … Continue reading

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A marker, a crayon, and a tax form

You gotta love the federal government. Yeah, the same people who insist we warn our children that peanut butter may contain peanuts, because the gunk was processed in a facility which may process peanuts. This is the same group of … Continue reading

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