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at home in the library at the end of the Earth

children used to understand and visualize a bookend with metal, bronze, or some other sort of hard material- unlike the boring metal book ends of the 20th century…and it was within those bookends in a snug little room with the … Continue reading

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an excerpt from my project

i have been asked numerous times about the book that i have been working on for some time. unfortunately, a great many trials and situations have stopped me from finishing it at this time. i have shared it with few…with … Continue reading

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the society for the prevention of hostility toward unabridged dictionaries

where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone long time a passin where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone long time ago where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone gone to dumpsters every one when will they ever learn? when will … Continue reading

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In the blank space on the bookshelf

To everything…there is a season…Ecclesiastes claims, the Birds (not the angry ones) sang, and ’tis true. The trees, the leaves, the plants of the field, all change with time. And, so too, the ages of a man or a woman. … Continue reading

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