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the faces behind the door (an excerpt from a book I am writing)

in the faces beyond the door, he could hear his own breathing…the rise and fall of aspiration, a thickening. silence stood at the door. he listened. stopped. counted seconds. handle, twist, knob, pull. ¬†finding his own face beyond the door….surrounded … Continue reading

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Step Away From the Laptop: How To Wipe Out Writer’s Block

And now for something so different, so amazingly useful…that you will never ever get writer’s block ever ever again! Ten Ways to Defeat The Evil “Writer’s Block:” 10. Step away from the laptop. Next, put on some “outdoor clothes,” get … Continue reading

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When sudden blossoms wilt and fade, and springtime withers under desperate suns, the common man may notice a shift in temperature within…or…may picture the autumn a promising season, in light of that terrible sun. It is in these times that … Continue reading

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On the edge of the parking lot

She propped a leg on the curb and took some serious puffs on a dwindling cigarette, communicating stress. An older man, dressed in suspenders, a heavy blue-plaid flannel shirt, and pants belonging to a long-forgotten era, brought his pipe and … Continue reading

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