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Memorial Day 2021

the most shocking sense about the death of another is the finality of it. it is total absence, with no scents nor sounds. Once there was a presence, now there is no substance. and like a an old pressed flower, … Continue reading

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the master of the mirror?

are you living a life to touch the hearts of others, to bring compassion to the downtrodden, or are you living like you are looking in the mirror, in love with the image? where has selfless love gone? where is … Continue reading

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in the void of time

the world is cold, and unafraid, but that world won’t let you go the weight of my hands on this clod of dirt as i stand before your throne it’s not the Hill of Tara nor a piece of my … Continue reading

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is the practice of burial humane?

why is it that we in the West bury bodies in a tight enclosed tube and shove them underground, as if we did not want them to ascend any higher than a worm? not that it is any more humane … Continue reading

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a tornado comes to Garrett Hill

gray outstretched arms waving without and within, a song sent over the ridge ridge-crest-covering crescendo, ripping siding from wall-sides snapping the breath from my dried lips… face to the ground, face to the ground……. a glob of bright red acrylic … Continue reading

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why Good Friday is a good day to share the good news

every day is a good day to share the gospel. but in the western world, Good Friday may be more than a good day to share the good news. it is a day for healing…..Jesus bore our sickness on the … Continue reading

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watching your seasons change

if i was to sit on this bench and watch your seasons change…would i see you bloom in spring, thrive in summer, celebrate autumn, and weather winter? or, would i see you wither with the falling leaves, to be trampled … Continue reading

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flowers dying before their days are done

three people i knew died recently- two younger than me, one a year older. one woman i remember as a teenager, the thin little girl with coal black eyes, a few years behind me in school- vibrant, vivacious, the very picture … Continue reading

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burning eyes in the alleyway of pain can almost feel the sorrow of pelting rain plastic bags washed up against the broken brick gnarled hand and coat and walking stick grasping a rail to break free from crippleness fallen face … Continue reading

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lost control?

Apparently, the news states that Carl- the young man I mentioned- lost control of his motorbike and slammed into the coal truck. That’s the official word…I’m not sure about this, especially since the coal trucks do drive erratically in those … Continue reading

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