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dreams of love

she’s a bit stiff around the edges….a bit pale, pasty, and tender…but I love her. her aroma sets her apart from the others. when I walk by, I cannot but stop and stare. she’s a looker, that’s for sure. sure, she’s … Continue reading

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Pleasantries and Pungentries

if you happen to drive on Pleasantville Road, you’ll find it is pleasantly straight. in my youth, such straightness would be appalling. Now, it is glorious. Akin to driverless transportation…pointing the car in one direction and dreaming through the next … Continue reading

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who else?

who else out there loves After Valentine’s Day Sales? is there any other time when delicious chocolates, wrapped in pretty red and pink, offer such a tempting winter feast? I think not. consider how regulated exquisite chocolate merchandise is during normal … Continue reading

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Donut Love, Not Drama

The “Capital Rotunda” is not a very nice sounding name, and, I believe, should be changed to something less inflammatory, like The “Round-looking Room.” I mean, “rotunda,” sounds so prejudiced, like you are tearing down their self-esteem. It makes me … Continue reading

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a thanksgiving aside- in under 260 words

i am so thankful for turkeys that do not go gobble gobble but who settle inside our tummies, nourishing our innards, so most of it does not travel down that long black…colon. or semi-colon. for those of you who have … Continue reading

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what’s in the pot: chicken soup

every time i go to Ohio, i look for “German” egg noodles. this time i found them at a small local grocery, sitting in stacks of noodle heaven. here, end to end, i found Mrs. Miller’s Amish noodles, Inn Maid … Continue reading

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Super Bowl of Chili

millions of people are watching a sporting event in New Jersey while I am cooking…but both of us are hoping for a fine super bowl. The seahawks hope they can fly past the bucking broncos, but i hope to eat … Continue reading

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Goodbye Mister Fritter

this clip is from my college days…  if you’re on a quest for the worst chicken sandwich this side of Sochi, I believe I may have found it for you. I don’t want to give away the exact location, but it … Continue reading

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101 Things To Do With A Handful Of Hummus (Newly expanded version)

For my “newer” readers, this was one of my best humor posts:   Spell check doesn’t like it. My daughter doesn’t like it. My mother says it looks like dog food. And I agree. But hummus doesn’t taste like dog … Continue reading

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Amarillo Tuesday

In a new twist to substantially increase Post-Thanksgiving Celebration Shopping Events, a group of the 30 largest US retailers have announced the kick-off of “Amarillo Tuesday.” The event, which will coordinate retailer savings with participation in Mexican restaurant promotions, will … Continue reading

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