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choose this day

the past two years have been needlessly negative. if you choose to write, read, or listen to material that leads you to a state of obsessive reclusiveness, as a covidian, you should probably read someone else’s blog, because i will … Continue reading

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Pilgrims Not-So-Progress

so….you sell everything and start a trip to go move half way across the world, punctuated by failure and deceit that would throw most groups into certain turmoil…with certifiable idiots who sabotage their own boat so they can “just go home … Continue reading

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Free Range: No More Poop in the Coop

chickens running free through sweet meadows and forests, clucking their way into the sunset, free to run across the range…smiling, happy chickens…spreading their wings under the vast blue skies, with no…. caca grande en la casa this bucolic vision of bird heaven reminds us … Continue reading

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On the need for an internet tax

                                                                                … Continue reading

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Thank God for wordpress

If you live in America, you know that the basic freedoms we had thirty years ago have so eroded that we now live in a land where…many street corners have surveillance cameras, people are paid to spy on you, your … Continue reading

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at home behind the fence

more often than not, i find myself disturbed by what i see- and read- from most congregations. in these “churches,” big-headed leaders, ordained by a man-centered system, parade around on stage, proclaiming prophetic nonsense and working the crowd like the manager … Continue reading

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Ten Things To Pray For In The Year 2014: #7 Freedom From Bondage (Part 2)

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he (or she) is a new creation…old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.” God’s agenda for you is that you live an abundant life, free from worry, being the person … Continue reading

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The Prez is my shepherd

When leaders abandon righteousness, exchanging it for the law of sin- that nation, hypocritically appealing to God, will neither stand in the place of blessing, nor be spared from the judgment of God. But those who trust in the Lord, … Continue reading

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Mister Paul goes to Washington

A senator from Kentucky is speaking on the floor of the US senate, trying to bring attention and shame to a reality most Americans don’t want to believe- that the government believes and is actually engaged in- using unmanned drones … Continue reading

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