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hitting a wall of pain

  have you ever had one of those days where you run into someone’s wall of pain, so hard, you have to  leave the pavement to take a break from it all? well, I have, and I did, not long after lunch. … Continue reading

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a bad day to be a fish

imagine…if you will…that you have the intelligence of a fish. why? because, my dear friend, that is your brain on public education. now, imagine, if you will, that you have spent a long futile day attempting to cross the lip … Continue reading

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Free Range: No More Poop in the Coop

chickens running free through sweet meadows and forests, clucking their way into the sunset, free to run across the range…smiling, happy chickens…spreading their wings under the vast blue skies, with no…. caca grande en la casa this bucolic vision of bird heaven reminds us … Continue reading

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in the void of time

the world is cold, and unafraid, but that world won’t let you go the weight of my hands on this clod of dirt as i stand before your throne it’s not the Hill of Tara nor a piece of my … Continue reading

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a tornado comes to Garrett Hill

gray outstretched arms waving without and within, a song sent over the ridge ridge-crest-covering crescendo, ripping siding from wall-sides snapping the breath from my dried lips… face to the ground, face to the ground……. a glob of bright red acrylic … Continue reading

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the long road ahead

  no one said it would be easy. no one was there to give a “now you’re going to set the world on fire.” and no one mentioned the faith needed to persevere and age like fine wine. that was … Continue reading

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Misplaced vision

To my “brothers and sisters” in the churches who have embraced the Mosaic Law, putting people into bondage in tithes, Jewish feasts, and 600 other laws, while saying they are living in the New Covenant: Stop swimming in a hole … Continue reading

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Mister Scottie and the Forest of Flowers

He’s not as ferocious as he looks… …but this wise warden looks after the forest of flowers… of pink delights… and…   southern beauty…     and this bright green leafy flowered plant. Mister Scottie has many trails to walk … Continue reading

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the train has left the station on the wrong track

last summer i sat in bewilderment as i listened to the answers over and over again. the question was so simple, but the answers were mind-blowing. of the hundreds i met who claimed to be Christians, very few could tell … Continue reading

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burning yesterday away, one flame at a time

  Lord, I thank You for taking the hurt of yesterday and burning it to ashes, throwing those into a sea of forgetfulness as far as the east is from the west…and in  a world of selfishness, where many destroy … Continue reading

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