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Yer Random Stones

out in the forest…here in an out of the way part of America.. sure now there probably was a building here at one time, but what were they doing organizing these large stones in such a way. Were they fans … Continue reading

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Rightly dividing The Word Of Truth: Back to a verse-less Bible

Hey, I wrote this for people to read. So..here it is again.

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Going up to The Big House

Cajoe Phillips is buried within boating distance of The Big House- but not off of the same river. First, you would take a little boat down Wolf Creek to the banks of the Muskingum River. You might want to switch … Continue reading

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things your pastor never told you: in the original- no chapters, no verses

The first New Testament had no chapter and no verse, that was added much later. if the Word itself states that nothing should be added to the Word, doesn’t that mean we should have Bibles without chapter and verse? the … Continue reading

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a hike back into history

if you are like so many people in North America, you are tired of the bitter cold. So- I decided to take you back to a short hike I did one day into the woods near a historic late 1800’s/early … Continue reading

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A Name Poem: The Mountain State

Pickle Street, Hewett Creek, Guyandotte, Jodie, Kanawha Trace, Ogden, Oley, Bowdie, Wheeling Creek, Whitmer, Whymer, Cobb Hico, Hicks Ridge, Huff Creek, Johnny Knob.   Tea Creek, Stonecoal, Shawver, Swiss, Millstone, Mountain View, Minden, Bliss, Klondike, Keeny’s Creek, Burnt House, Dailey, … Continue reading

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when the guns fell silent

the older i get, the more precious peace becomes. it is not just simply a need for uncluttered living, or less materialism, it is a deep desire to live with inner peace, the strength of the very spirit of God. … Continue reading

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climbing the steps of history

the steps to Thornhill hug the side of a steep hill, peopled with seasoned and scrawny trees, and blanketed by a healthy dose of autumn leaves… …remarkable for digging into the soil and staying for over 130 years… with a … Continue reading

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all along the mountainside

in the foggy mountain dew in the taste of a mourn slipping between the heather like clouds between the sun. choked upon as mentioned hindsight years ago now among the climbers cheeks and tears aglow. we will part from the … Continue reading

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Riding On The Retro Line

Japan is testing a 300 mile an hour train that is shaped more like an anteater than any train I’ve seen. They regularly travel at much higher speeds than what American trains do, and money is spent on rail infastructure. … Continue reading

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