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on the edge of the hole

the night is not so black not so dark not so hidden that we cannot see the alleyways of the soul. buried in the trash of these the stench of these the color of these Red cries from within the … Continue reading

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the trouble with bacon

Someone scattered a “significant” amount of “raw” bacon in Central Park. The news media in NYC are calling it a potential “hate crime” against Moslems. My God, what an insult! Why, it’s as nasty as someone mailing a package of … Continue reading

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A bit of poopery

A bit of kid poetry…. Too much sauce too much paste too much pasta on my waist feel so bloated feel so blue feel like a toad and smell like one too… …and a bit of kid poopery…. I love … Continue reading

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A dark morsel

It is time to write again…from the bottom of my heart. It is in this darkened alleyway of thought that this even darker morsel of creativity crawled from out of the shadows- to enlighten the lightened, that they might feel … Continue reading

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Songbirds and Bumblebees

OK, so I was trying to write a poem…something sweet and innocent, something touching and tender. If Justin Beiber can write songs like “Baby,” and “Boyfriend,” and Rebecca Black can sing “Friday,” well…surely, I have found a recipe for success. … Continue reading

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Le Grand Fromage

Please don’t throw your meatballs my way if I say I am not a proponent of cheesy sauce. Adorning pasta with cheese is like putting a tie on a dog- while it sounds like a good idea, the truth is… … Continue reading

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