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all the world’s an app…

all the world’s an app….but none of them really work right. the google play store is like a playground with too many merry-go-rounds. someone please get me  off  of   here.  on one of my more particularly pleasant trips on the … Continue reading

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Cupcake Rap

I once asked a group of poetry students to define bad poetry. after ten minutes, no one came up with even one for an academic list. they could tell me what made a good poem, but not a bad one. … Continue reading

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An Exhaustive Treatise On The Mating Habits Of The Ruby-Nosed Fricative

Piffle! The End.

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the society for the prevention of hostility toward unabridged dictionaries

where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone long time a passin where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone long time ago where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone gone to dumpsters every one when will they ever learn? when will … Continue reading

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How do I love thee? Let me count the glaze

We face a growing problem in The West. An increasingly disturbing range of bulging behemoths spend reckless days before computerized game devices, munching on the joys of high fructose corn syrup, powdered sugar, and genetically modified substances. Even the United … Continue reading

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Viva La France!

Today I met two frenchman and a french woman at a convenience store. They were outside,  huddled over a map of West-By-God-Virginia, while I stared up at the rocky crown of Snowshoe’s neighboring mountain. (Snowshoe is a famous ski resort) … Continue reading

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Step Away From the Laptop: How To Wipe Out Writer’s Block

And now for something so different, so amazingly useful…that you will never ever get writer’s block ever ever again! Ten Ways to Defeat The Evil “Writer’s Block:” 10. Step away from the laptop. Next, put on some “outdoor clothes,” get … Continue reading

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bookends part 3

In the meantime of the day, when the clock just doesn’t quite strike a primary number, Albert assumed a cup of Java into his routine. It sat before him, it sat beside him. It even sat between his legs. But … Continue reading

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On the edge of the parking lot

She propped a leg on the curb and took some serious puffs on a dwindling cigarette, communicating stress. An older man, dressed in suspenders, a heavy blue-plaid flannel shirt, and pants belonging to a long-forgotten era, brought his pipe and … Continue reading

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An Ode To My Stalker, while I cannot sleep…

In the absurdity of things, I have found some rather immature stalker tracing my whereabouts, for what purpose I know not, other than for a strange amusement. I am not famous, do not drive a Lexus, nor have a big … Continue reading

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