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flowers dying before their days are done

three people i knew died recently- two younger than me, one a year older. one woman i remember as a teenager, the thin little girl with coal black eyes, a few years behind me in school- vibrant, vivacious, the very picture … Continue reading

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how do you speak love?

Talk is cheap…but love is priceless… you can talk all day, and say a whole lot of nothing…except that you are focused on yourself. what are you doing to say you love someone? are you saying it through words and … Continue reading

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how white chocolate stole my heart

i don’t know what the Swiss put in their chocolates, but when i bite into a Lindt ball of white chocolate, my mind is convinced it has achieved an unforseen enlightenment just short of a standard heavenly bliss. Of course, … Continue reading

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When you can’t love yourself

When you can’t love yourself and can’t seem to grasp not the world at large but the window before you- find a safe little place for some supernatural space and wait for the appearance of God.

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A detour on the way to destiny

I’ve heard enough preachers in my day to do a full two hour stand-up routine with about every variety and denomination featured. I’ve heard some great phrases, one liners, and simple truths in those sermons too. I’ve boogied for Jesus … Continue reading

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A love letter to the IRS

Dear Ms. IRS Employee, Grazing through the news fodder of another day, I noticed a memo from your supervisor’s office, claiming that your agency may be reading my emails, checking my personal records, and even following my habits. It is … Continue reading

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The Lone Dandelion

Saturday, as I hiked and climbed among my father’s kingdom, I discovered a lone flower, as the light from a fading afternoon slipped away from the tangled flora of the Laurel Creek Valley. Now, the snow covers it and most … Continue reading

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Love is a prayer

I remember being unemployed, spending my days and nights looking for work, eating hot dogs and pre-packaged burritos. And, I remember times when I had no money…and times when I felt so broken that my heart pulled inside my chest. … Continue reading

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love is a many freckled thing…

Like an epiphany of unexpected grace, I find much beauty in a lovely freckled face. She may be Russian, she may be French, she may live in a glen, or near a stone bench. A work of art the master … Continue reading

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A dark morsel

It is time to write again…from the bottom of my heart. It is in this darkened alleyway of thought that this even darker morsel of creativity crawled from out of the shadows- to enlighten the lightened, that they might feel … Continue reading

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