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a bad day to be a fish

imagine…if you will…that you have the intelligence of a fish. why? because, my dear friend, that is your brain on public education. now, imagine, if you will, that you have spent a long futile day attempting to cross the lip … Continue reading

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looking up…not down

when the mud is so thick and the world is so cold look to the heavens to that city of Gold, your reward awaits you for all those long nights you prayed for a miracle for wrongs to become rights, … Continue reading

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ponnd lyffe

have you ever met an individual capable of explaining the scientific processes which enable the whatever-system of a pond to not only exit, but to thrive, during the most breathtakingly dull phases of winter weather? it is as scintillating as a songbird … Continue reading

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the silence is shattered- looking into the eyes of the graying

the silence speaks volumes the gray is something inside you, not really an exterior feature. i have seen gray-eyes, there is a certain void in them. an oncologist, a psychologist – whatever the label- needs no tests to prove what … Continue reading

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have you lost your way in those big bad woods?

  have you lost your way in the big bad woods of life? have you found yourself face to face with an unexpected sign?  try giving up, giving in to God. “God, I can’t do this anymore. I give you … Continue reading

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Justice and mercy

I struggle with diabetes. Many years ago, I worked in a high stress, high performance, high profile career that contributed to a food and health lifestyle that lead to the development of that diabetes. It didn’t help that I made … Continue reading

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And you thought you had problems…

I am breathing. I ate something today. I have a place to stay. Maybe my world looks “turned upside down,” but I still walk on a path right-side-up with a God who already knows what I need. The haters who … Continue reading

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Riding On The Retro Line

Japan is testing a 300 mile an hour train that is shaped more like an anteater than any train I’ve seen. They regularly travel at much higher speeds than what American trains do, and money is spent on rail infastructure. … Continue reading

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A detour on the way to destiny

I’ve heard enough preachers in my day to do a full two hour stand-up routine with about every variety and denomination featured. I’ve heard some great phrases, one liners, and simple truths in those sermons too. I’ve boogied for Jesus … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Hope

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The word “hope” here goes way beyond the same concept of  “hope” we have in English because it is literally “a knowing assurance based on spiritual … Continue reading

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