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a walk by the river

out this morning for a walk in the high mountains…with this beside me as I went. 

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Turn Right At The Sign of The Dead Raccoon

  she turned to look me square in the eye… “you best be going off on this road” and pointing to the map, there sitting in my lap why, this is the story she sowed…   “turn right at the … Continue reading

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Mountain Quintet # 1

this is for the great masses who enjoy diverse forms of poetry. i confess to not being very talented at formulaic verse, since my passion to write is more iconoclastic…preferring poetic fiction, poetic prose, and subject matter inspired by subject … Continue reading

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it’s nearly spring, and those mountain roads are calling

it is not for the faint of heart to travel some of the more rugged and remote roads of West Virginia…but so many are waiting for you and I…to travel down that corridor…into wild and wonderful mountain landscapes, with surprises … Continue reading

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a few wonders in the wilds of West Virginia

on my journey today, i stopped to take some photos that captured the essence of the afternoon… …and caught pictures of the fog settling in… …finishing the day, reflecting on… …just another wonderful day in the Mountain State…

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all along the mountainside

in the foggy mountain dew in the taste of a mourn slipping between the heather like clouds between the sun. choked upon as mentioned hindsight years ago now among the climbers cheeks and tears aglow. we will part from the … Continue reading

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A Peaceful Place

After reading a recent post online, I thought of this place…one of the most peaceful places I can remember…well, with the caveat that it was also in bear country, near wild huckleberries, a treat for bears. But I did not … Continue reading

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Viva La France!

Today I met two frenchman and a french woman at a convenience store. They were outside,  huddled over a map of West-By-God-Virginia, while I stared up at the rocky crown of Snowshoe’s neighboring mountain. (Snowshoe is a famous ski resort) … Continue reading

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Step Away From the Laptop: How To Wipe Out Writer’s Block

And now for something so different, so amazingly useful…that you will never ever get writer’s block ever ever again! Ten Ways to Defeat The Evil “Writer’s Block:” 10. Step away from the laptop. Next, put on some “outdoor clothes,” get … Continue reading

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the road to the top of nowhere?

i have a headache the size of a mountain this evening…and it does not come from scaling heights to glimpse a fantastic view, like this one above Lost River, deep in Nowhere, West Virginia. No, it is a problematic headache, … Continue reading

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