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Things That Did Not Happen This Year

As I look back on the year, it is cumbersome for me ┬áto dissect all the posts and events that filled my life in 2013. So- I have decided to treat you to a list of some of the more … Continue reading

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I’ll take 100 bayonets, a refrigerator, and an oscillating fan

What can you do with a 100,000 dollar helicopter missing a wing? Or, a Humvee with no engine block? How about 100 Reagan-era bayonets? Apparently, you can use them in a small town police force, even if the only dangerous … Continue reading

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In the dusk of a world sick with sin

I submit to you that that are many people out there who do not love anyone, not even themselves. Recently, I read a short news article reporting about the multiple rape of a thirteen year old girl by a posse … Continue reading

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God is color blind

So…apparently only one person liked my off-the-wall humor. Sad. We live in a sad little world today. Get on the news and all you see is racism plastered across the screens. Black and white. How absurd! I’ve said it before … Continue reading

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something smells rotten in dc

I gotta admit, I’m not too worried about it. Oh sure, the US government is culling scads of private information from citizens, including telephone calls, emails, and what I am writing right now. But, hey, in all fairness to our … Continue reading

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The wind outside is blowing so hard that some dude’s mind just passed by. I know it because a weather genius stood out in the cold and reported the story. And, you and I both know that when a weatherman … Continue reading

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the trouble with bacon

Someone scattered a “significant” amount of “raw” bacon in Central Park. The news media in NYC are calling it a potential “hate crime” against Moslems. My God, what an insult! Why, it’s as nasty as someone mailing a package of … Continue reading

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