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the burning earth

somewhere between New Straitsville, Murray City, and Shawnee, a fire is burning, burning the earth beneath, unquenchable. way back in 1884, a group of striking miners, sent a “take-this-job-and-shove-it” message to their bosses by sending several coal cars with oil-drenched timbers deep … Continue reading

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Yer Random Stones

out in the forest…here in an out of the way part of America.. sure now there probably was a building here at one time, but what were they doing organizing these large stones in such a way. Were they fans … Continue reading

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table for one

the warm weather is fading with the green…with views unspoiled by the summer crowds. many of the tourists have tucked their bags away for another season, leaving me with a wide menu of table options. table for one, with a view of … Continue reading

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touristic interlude

if you have thirty minutes for lunch, you can be a tourist. I know, I was one today. I was looking for a place to eat. something not so deep fried. Not so bun-enriched. Not so western de-civilization. instead I … Continue reading

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the edge of something greater

He asked me if i was taking pictures of the backpack trail… “Yes,” i said, scanning the map. He studied something inside the posting board…where maps, rules and regulations, and various other government printed fodder suffocated, unable to breathe the … Continue reading

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A peace of tranquility

a tranquil slice of the natural…on a day hot enough to boil an egg on your automobile…

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where men worked tired hours weight of the years digging shovels bigger than city houses only the dust of history remains. where lunchboxes sat in the windy sun, a grey soil remains, a mineral face. it whistles like a piper’s … Continue reading

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Cattail and Creature Hole


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precious water

People are fighting over it in California. A half million people in Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas are without it because their supply reportedly contains a toxin. bottled water, water jugs, and donated water…disappears quickly there… A bright turquoise- now … Continue reading

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ah go on, stop the rest of my vehicle

humor, anyone? (this is NOT my license plate)

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