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hitting a wall of pain

  have you ever had one of those days where you run into someone’s wall of pain, so hard, you have to  leave the pavement to take a break from it all? well, I have, and I did, not long after lunch. … Continue reading

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burning yesterday away, one flame at a time

  Lord, I thank You for taking the hurt of yesterday and burning it to ashes, throwing those into a sea of forgetfulness as far as the east is from the west…and in  a world of selfishness, where many destroy … Continue reading

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all the pain in the world

if i was to walk the strand of that Jersey shore once again, my toes burning but deepening into the sand, i could not walk it without knowing…sensing…heart pain. the same type of pain i read about here on wordpress…every … Continue reading

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why i can’t sleep, or “Intestinal Tract Torture, Opus 28”

Largo…it is 11:36pm and i am wide awake because….i came home from the grocery store and ate a chicken salad and pita sandwich after five thirty and fell asleep on my bed… Crescendo…i did this because…i left chik-fil-a with a … Continue reading

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