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your white flowers wait for you

To my unknown love, wherever she is   your white flowers wait for you among common leaves.   did you know they would be there for you beneath the wild awakening trees?   my boots hurt my feet while walking … Continue reading

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i could get lost

i could get lost in the sound of your voice lost in the song that you sing lost in the dance of my heart once again starting to dream…   i could grow younger in the sound of your beckoning … Continue reading

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Mountain Quintet # 1

this is for the great masses who enjoy diverse forms of poetry. i confess to not being very talented at formulaic verse, since my passion to write is more iconoclastic…preferring poetic fiction, poetic prose, and subject matter inspired by subject … Continue reading

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Smatterings of falling poetry

somewhere….out in the country, or even the city…it is raining poetry. Poetry from the sky, poetry on the slippery grass, poetry even when I slip… …but mainly, there is poetry in my brain…the contents of which are cataloged in gray … Continue reading

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Dichotomy in F Sharp

                               i she stands alone staring out her window pane while the trucks go west and the cars go east, a blurry dance after the needle’s … Continue reading

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all the pain in the world

if i was to walk the strand of that Jersey shore once again, my toes burning but deepening into the sand, i could not walk it without knowing…sensing…heart pain. the same type of pain i read about here on wordpress…every … Continue reading

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where beige meets gray and earth meets blue

we travel light this tainted trail witnessed by the stunted pines. the gravel gold field under mined where tracks disappear at crossroads. you dig your wheels in at this point and although i have no stomach for it the farther … Continue reading

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an ode to the Kirby….with or without duct tape

she makes me wait while i try to vac she seems to take too much time i’ll just go check on the cheese and mac while i think of another rhyme. she coughs and gurlguls and chortles she cannot take … Continue reading

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Priestly Serious

I have been called “hilariously funny and priestly serious” by someone who has never met me in person. She has read these posts well because I am quite “the complex man” to some of you. And many of you have … Continue reading

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how white chocolate stole my heart

i don’t know what the Swiss put in their chocolates, but when i bite into a Lindt ball of white chocolate, my mind is convinced it has achieved an unforseen enlightenment just short of a standard heavenly bliss. Of course, … Continue reading

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