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reading wordpress posts

anahs hetr diio iller ennnt go leir bes agamalgamamalgarden juvenisilk zemensky     waywam kilvarny effaljucin galarnee   DO NOT LIKE THIS POST. INSTEAD, WRITE A ONE WORD COMMENT AGREEING WITH ME. if you liked this, it is proof you … Continue reading

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Counting to 300

This is my 300th post on thelostkerryman. How do I celebrate this time? Please…I would rather not toot my own horn. But, maybe you can help me if you were to tell me the best of the 300 posts…in your … Continue reading

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101 New Blogging Challenges

As you may know, the blog life here at wordpress has produced many serial postings. These include a 30 day poetry challenge, 100 Happy Days challenge, thankful day challenge, as well as “bucket lists” and “top ten lists.” In recognition … Continue reading

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it’s a mad world after all

if i had three personalities, i might resemble Blogland. Tantrums from hell, mega-selfie posts, mentally and emotionally compromised confessions, and even goats on parade…they are all here.  i took a turn, took a spin, found myself driving…oh so carefully…through fields … Continue reading

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after 227 posts, i want to thank all of you for visiting my site, reading, and commenting. today i had a visit from one in the lovely nation of Belize, a jewel nestled in between Mexico, Guatemala, and the Carribean. … Continue reading

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Priestly Serious

I have been called “hilariously funny and priestly serious” by someone who has never met me in person. She has read these posts well because I am quite “the complex man” to some of you. And many of you have … Continue reading

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The right thing to do

While it is flattering to have someone quote me, or use an idea I created, it is appropriate for anyone who uses a substantial part of any post from my works to get permission first. I did not use someone … Continue reading

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