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a microsecond of time…

….you enter. And, everything changes. The world outside changes. The world inside changes. Time passes without your knowledge. You watch clips of randomly passing lives- …the old lady who can’t quite keep her teeth in…the old man with sagging pants … Continue reading

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ponnd lyffe

have you ever met an individual capable of explaining the scientific processes which enable the whatever-system of a pond to not only exit, but to thrive, during the most breathtakingly dull phases of winter weather? it is as scintillating as a songbird … Continue reading

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Mister Congeniality

i have never won an award for candor, comedy, or confusion…but i am sure that my followers might consider me for a “Mister Congeniality” award. Or, maybe not.  You see, trying to live a life as a disciple of Jesus … Continue reading

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i’d rather be alone with God than in love with Ugliness

a heron flew off. and a red-wing black bird. and even two baby foxes slipped into thick brush to hide from my camera. ….after several attempts, this picture of purple columbines was the only one in focus. and that was … Continue reading

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all the pain in the world

if i was to walk the strand of that Jersey shore once again, my toes burning but deepening into the sand, i could not walk it without knowing…sensing…heart pain. the same type of pain i read about here on wordpress…every … Continue reading

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flowers dying before their days are done

three people i knew died recently- two younger than me, one a year older. one woman i remember as a teenager, the thin little girl with coal black eyes, a few years behind me in school- vibrant, vivacious, the very picture … Continue reading

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it’s a mad world after all

if i had three personalities, i might resemble Blogland. Tantrums from hell, mega-selfie posts, mentally and emotionally compromised confessions, and even goats on parade…they are all here.  i took a turn, took a spin, found myself driving…oh so carefully…through fields … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs Boring and The Tangled Tango

He had a flair for vacuum cleaners…. This blog post is at my new companion blog for fiction at THE ADVENTURES OF MR AND MRS BORING mrandmrsboring.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/mr-and-mrs-boring-and-the-tangled-tango I just noticed wordpress seems to be screwed up right now. The link … Continue reading

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how do you speak love?

Talk is cheap…but love is priceless… you can talk all day, and say a whole lot of nothing…except that you are focused on yourself. what are you doing to say you love someone? are you saying it through words and … Continue reading

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Priestly Serious

I have been called “hilariously funny and priestly serious” by someone who has never met me in person. She has read these posts well because I am quite “the complex man” to some of you. And many of you have … Continue reading

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