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signs of the times

when the world isn’t making much sense…does this help?

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101 Things To Do With a Handful of Hummus

Spell check doesn’t like it. My daughter doesn’t like it. My mother says it looks like dog food. And I agree. But hummus doesn’t taste like dog food…does it? My preference is traditional- scooped up with warm, olivy, crunchy pita … Continue reading

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In the e-space where laundry never dries

can’t sleep…must be two in the morning…the air kicked off too early…not that it’s hot in here, but my mind feels so much like a gerbil in a wheel, I need wind-down time. The wheel keeps turning with possibilities. It … Continue reading

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Short, tan and “teddy”…not tall, dark, and handsome

I was born a poor white boy- it went downhill from there. I was the shortest dude in third grade- I had to stand in the back of the line because the teacher had us line up according to height. … Continue reading

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A marker, a crayon, and a tax form

You gotta love the federal government. Yeah, the same people who insist we warn our children that peanut butter may contain peanuts, because the gunk was processed in a facility which may process peanuts. This is the same group of … Continue reading

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Ask and you shall get…snow!

Thank you, God! A nice big fat snowstorm with five inches of fluffy stuff- good enough for a mental break from the merry-go-round- one snow day of solitude. It gave me time to vacuum the carpet and flooring, and cook a wonderful … Continue reading

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Needing a nasty snow, badly!

Give me a good massive snow storm, in excess of six inches any day of the week, and I’ll be a lot happier a few days from now. It comes with the territory here- or is supposed to- like Igloos … Continue reading

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