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random concerto # 3, by Konstatin Kaffeine, in b minor

that moment you realize… you will be up for the rest of the night… is there no antidote? why is there no antidote? why can’t I have all the benefits of caffeine…no more headaches, a lighter bladder, sharpened ponderings at … Continue reading

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a night at the opera: incessant bird outside my window

a bird outside is yakking the night away again- just outside my window i have never heard such non-stop joyfulness in about six different songs from any feathered creature…that lasted this long. over an hour. ugh.   i just opened … Continue reading

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Dichotomy in F Sharp

                               i she stands alone staring out her window pane while the trucks go west and the cars go east, a blurry dance after the needle’s … Continue reading

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why i can’t sleep, or “Intestinal Tract Torture, Opus 28”

Largo…it is 11:36pm and i am wide awake because….i came home from the grocery store and ate a chicken salad and pita sandwich after five thirty and fell asleep on my bed… Crescendo…i did this because…i left chik-fil-a with a … Continue reading

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the lost years…or, “give me one more hour of sleep!”

So…I was reading through the news when I saw an article about sleeping. The article claimed that a ninety year old will have slept thirty years of his or her life. So, that would mean that he or she was … Continue reading

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In the e-space where laundry never dries

can’t sleep…must be two in the morning…the air kicked off too early…not that it’s hot in here, but my mind feels so much like a gerbil in a wheel, I need wind-down time. The wheel keeps turning with possibilities. It … Continue reading

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In the wee hours

In the wee hours in those last strains of night-music I can feel the tempest turn like a swerving vehicle taken from the path of an oncoming deluge. in these wee hours solace sings her song and I will sing … Continue reading

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An Ode To My Stalker, while I cannot sleep…

In the absurdity of things, I have found some rather immature stalker tracing my whereabouts, for what purpose I know not, other than for a strange amusement. I am not famous, do not drive a Lexus, nor have a big … Continue reading

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to catch a wink

Hello sleep, it’s nice to meet you. Come inside, the covers greet you. slumbering soundly and so sweet too to catch a wink will surely treat you. and so a half brained poem comes out as my eyelids droop into … Continue reading

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