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The weaker week

In the course of human events, the ancient world was rife with conflicting schedules for the unit we call “the week,” from five days to ten days, with some societies choosing alternating numbers of days in the week to balance … Continue reading

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she hides in plain sight, her brown blending with other brown…but the earth suddenly not so horizontal, she appears at second glance. it was only because I stopped to attend to my own nature, that she appeared at all… which begs the question…what else did … Continue reading

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a microsecond of time…

….you enter. And, everything changes. The world outside changes. The world inside changes. Time passes without your knowledge. You watch clips of randomly passing lives- …the old lady who can’t quite keep her teeth in…the old man with sagging pants … Continue reading

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in the void of time

the world is cold, and unafraid, but that world won’t let you go the weight of my hands on this clod of dirt as i stand before your throne it’s not the Hill of Tara nor a piece of my … Continue reading

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the edge of something greater

He asked me if i was taking pictures of the backpack trail… “Yes,” i said, scanning the map. He studied something inside the posting board…where maps, rules and regulations, and various other government printed fodder suffocated, unable to breathe the … Continue reading

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bookends part 3

In the meantime of the day, when the clock just doesn’t quite strike a primary number, Albert assumed a cup of Java into his routine. It sat before him, it sat beside him. It even sat between his legs. But … Continue reading

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