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No turning back

where coal trucks once rumbled, the land resembles more jungle than park…and the trail underfoot dusty- the gravel gone and only stripped, bare earth remaining beneath your feet. but it is not a lone trail…birds hiding in the bush sing … Continue reading

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midwestern dreams

open. sky, grassland, a pond, the dusty trail beneath your feet. nobody’s land; at least, it feels like nobody’s land. maybe the birds. they fly around, their flittering like visiting neighbors. but maybe not. all you see is opened before … Continue reading

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pictures from a hidden garden

  this is a very wide plant, so the flower was huge… a treasure…on a side trail…in an urban garden…  

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a palette of rainflowers

a palette of flowers…on a soggy spring afternoon… with purple trillium…and… little blue and chartreuse colored spring wildflowers along the rail trail… ….a vibrant carpet of fresh scent, fresh color, and fresh experiences…

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a slice of life on a cloudy spring day

it wasn’t sunny…but this snake found a spot by the creek bank to soak up the fragrant air of a cloudy spring day.  …a snake’s view of the creek and scenery below… and on another part of the trail, a … Continue reading

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this place God created for you

I wish you could have been there…to smell the heady perfume, honeysuckle blossoms and tree blossoms…. and so much more….to hear the chickadee, the warbler, and the cardinal…to see the trees clad with vibrant green, and swaying in the wind… … Continue reading

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Getting to the Middle of nowhere

 (from a Middle Island meadow, looking back to a bridge over the Ohio River) A photo journey to Middle Island in the Ohio River, part of a national wildlife refuge… (home to numerous wildlife….) (Headland Trail, Middle Island) (spring trail-side … Continue reading

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where beige meets gray and earth meets blue

we travel light this tainted trail witnessed by the stunted pines. the gravel gold field under mined where tracks disappear at crossroads. you dig your wheels in at this point and although i have no stomach for it the farther … Continue reading

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Learning the three Rs: Reconciliation, Restoration, and Restitution

walking with God is not a fifteen minute exercise, or a thumbing through the Bible… here on the trail today, walking through the glimpses of sunshine reaching down over mountains and through trees… a moment in the process of restoration … Continue reading

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the lonely snow

the lonely snow has no visitors now- she sits along the trail refusing to change. she’s colder than her cousins but doesn’t seem to mind- til bugs and bees and butterflies wake and crawl among the trees, drunk from their … Continue reading

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