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it’s nearly spring, and those mountain roads are calling

it is not for the faint of heart to travel some of the more rugged and remote roads of West Virginia…but so many are waiting for you and I…to travel down that corridor…into wild and wonderful mountain landscapes, with surprises … Continue reading

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where beige meets gray and earth meets blue

we travel light this tainted trail witnessed by the stunted pines. the gravel gold field under mined where tracks disappear at crossroads. you dig your wheels in at this point and although i have no stomach for it the farther … Continue reading

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way back in the outback of Ohio

Some tourists claim it looks more like Africa than it does the rest of Ohio. Maybe that is why, after decades of mining, that American Electric Power agreed to lease a huge tract of land to an animal sanctuary organization … Continue reading

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a hike back into history

if you are like so many people in North America, you are tired of the bitter cold. So- I decided to take you back to a short hike I did one day into the woods near a historic late 1800’s/early … Continue reading

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a few wonders in the wilds of West Virginia

on my journey today, i stopped to take some photos that captured the essence of the afternoon… …and caught pictures of the fog settling in… …finishing the day, reflecting on… …just another wonderful day in the Mountain State…

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climbing the steps of history

the steps to Thornhill hug the side of a steep hill, peopled with seasoned and scrawny trees, and blanketed by a healthy dose of autumn leaves… …remarkable for digging into the soil and staying for over 130 years… with a … Continue reading

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Cherish every moment

It whispers down on angels wings… and so i began a dreamy poem one snowy evening in the mountains. No other night would be like it- nor had there been any before like it. In the morning, 36 inches of … Continue reading

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Hoofing it for my heart

Travel is good for the heart, but even better for the sole…hoofing it down the highway to get a better look….

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Despite the ashes, quite an adventure

Now I know why everybody on the old 1800’s trains wore black overcoats- when the steam whistle blew, the coal ash flew back onto the passengers, like a smoker’s fairy dust. And that is the way it is on Durbin-Greenbrier … Continue reading

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A Splash of Summer Fun

The artistic beauty and raw power of a small waterfall. Near Glen Farris, West Virginia.

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