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looking up…not down

when the mud is so thick and the world is so cold look to the heavens to that city of Gold, your reward awaits you for all those long nights you prayed for a miracle for wrongs to become rights, … Continue reading

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A Not-so-lovely living room…

i don’t live in a house like this, but it sure feels like it… a broken ventilation system…a crazy maintenance guy who rigged my doorbell to ring randomly…and now finding black mold in the apartment I was moving to….this place … Continue reading

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Waitin’ for the Wind

I can’t make nobody do nothin’. And that’s the truth. I done learned ‘long time ago, there ain’t nothin’ but that Wind to hold onto, so better hold on tight. You can feel the air a movin’ whenever you step … Continue reading

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And you thought you had problems…

I am breathing. I ate something today. I have a place to stay. Maybe my world looks “turned upside down,” but I still walk on a path right-side-up with a God who already knows what I need. The haters who … Continue reading

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The Impossible

Is it only when we are totally helpless that God brings us victory? And what about the hardships the prophets and early Christians went through? It wasn’t pleasant for them…and it certainly is not pleasant for me right now. So … Continue reading

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In the wee hours

In the wee hours in those last strains of night-music I can feel the tempest turn like a swerving vehicle taken from the path of an oncoming deluge. in these wee hours solace sings her song and I will sing … Continue reading

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