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respect all

today, while i was shopping at a local supermarket, i was verbally accosted by an employee who spouted off propaganda like a fascist, threatening to have me thrown out of her employer’s store because of my religion. i live in … Continue reading

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which one makes more sense?

The average congregation in the USA has 75 attendees at a service. The average paid pastor makes between $28,000 and $52,000. According to The Evangelical Christian Credit Union, the average US church spends 82% of their budget on pastor’s salaries … Continue reading

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Going up to The Big House

Cajoe Phillips is buried within boating distance of The Big House- but not off of the same river. First, you would take a little boat down Wolf Creek to the banks of the Muskingum River. You might want to switch … Continue reading

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bye bye spring, hello heat

  this picture was taken just two weeks ago, when the grass wasn’t so high it looked like African grasslands or the Everglades.  this morning i took a walk and found myself staring at knee-high grassland. that is when i … Continue reading

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Getting to the Middle of nowhere

 (from a Middle Island meadow, looking back to a bridge over the Ohio River) A photo journey to Middle Island in the Ohio River, part of a national wildlife refuge… (home to numerous wildlife….) (Headland Trail, Middle Island) (spring trail-side … Continue reading

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sexy but wholesome…

whenever i hear the word “pony tails,” or “pig tails,” i can imagine a convention full of stiff tailed girls converging on some grand Beauty and Hair Styling Convention, all energized like Monster-induced energizer bunny-women. and somewhere in that male-fantasy-dream, … Continue reading

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It is about -20 Celsius right now outside (-7 farenheight) …the kind of weather no one should be walking around in…unless you’re wearing enough padding that you resemble a Panda bear. but it wasn’t like that about six hours ago, … Continue reading

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A Name Poem: The Mountain State

Pickle Street, Hewett Creek, Guyandotte, Jodie, Kanawha Trace, Ogden, Oley, Bowdie, Wheeling Creek, Whitmer, Whymer, Cobb Hico, Hicks Ridge, Huff Creek, Johnny Knob.   Tea Creek, Stonecoal, Shawver, Swiss, Millstone, Mountain View, Minden, Bliss, Klondike, Keeny’s Creek, Burnt House, Dailey, … Continue reading

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Fear and loathing in the USA

If I had a nickel for every time someone misunderstood me, I’d be wealthier than Bill Gates. The latest poll about Americans and their trust- or lack of it- is shining through big time in several places. Still, I still … Continue reading

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Amarillo Tuesday

In a new twist to substantially increase Post-Thanksgiving Celebration Shopping Events, a group of the 30 largest US retailers have announced the kick-off of “Amarillo Tuesday.” The event, which will coordinate retailer savings with participation in Mexican restaurant promotions, will … Continue reading

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