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a stranger day at walmart

the crayon colored couple passed about a half dozen cops wandering around cashier central, while I tried…in vain….to concentrate on Miss Yapping Cashier’s rant. how do you tell a man with a giant butt-crack to turn around so you can … Continue reading

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Buy it from your local farmer

In wake of the WalMart LSD-laced steak episode, I ask you: Isn’t it time we stopped buying meat at the grocery store and bought it directly from local farmers? (of course you urbanites will have to settle for mystery meat, … Continue reading

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It is about -20 Celsius right now outside (-7 farenheight) …the kind of weather no one should be walking around in…unless you’re wearing enough padding that you resemble a Panda bear. but it wasn’t like that about six hours ago, … Continue reading

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Cussing in Curry

The dryer whines, making a noise like a two year old trying to run away from the potty…chased by the boogie man. I’ve had days like this, but will someone please write me an excuse note for my forgetfulness…walking back … Continue reading

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