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One more time round the ice rink

it’s fun to watch the neighborhood outside my window this morning. not because i am having fun, but because none of us is having fun. at least yesterday i was able to clear the driveway. today, i cannot stand up … Continue reading

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Good Stuff for a Snow Day

if you want to have a great day today…and you are stuck inside while the roads are snow-covered…or it is too cold outside and you want to sit by the computer…or want to sit and listen to something soothing… visit … Continue reading

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Five Below and a Vortex of Snow

The snowfall is dancing around outside my window, a nice break from the killer Polar Vortex that came- with teeth a thousand miles wide and breath like Frosty the Snowman. It is scheduled to make an appearance again tonight, like … Continue reading

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it’s downright fierce out there today

It’s nice we’re having weather….’twould be a shame if we weren’t…. it is downright fierce out there today. not the kind of fierce that makes a grown man wet his pants. no, it is a cold no kitty could stand…a … Continue reading

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still…before the throne

while the wind blows, dispersing waves and floods…and chill drives millions inside…and lives are battered by storms without and within…He who made the Heavens and earth sits above all things…and He is still on the throne. Who is on the … Continue reading

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life in the zed zone

i despise it when someone says they “hate” Polish Sausage. I absolutely love Kielbassa and all types of Polish meats. Walk into a Polish deli and you’re likely to see strings of hanging sausages, myriads of different ones, like a … Continue reading

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The Lone Dandelion

Saturday, as I hiked and climbed among my father’s kingdom, I discovered a lone flower, as the light from a fading afternoon slipped away from the tangled flora of the Laurel Creek Valley. Now, the snow covers it and most … Continue reading

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burning eyes in the alleyway of pain can almost feel the sorrow of pelting rain plastic bags washed up against the broken brick gnarled hand and coat and walking stick grasping a rail to break free from crippleness fallen face … Continue reading

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My lugubrious peasant life

or…”Ode to a lovely field of mud.” yonder pile of fetid mud, so tender to the touch contains the thatch remains I must tend to very much. I have no time for politics no lengthy words or speech my life … Continue reading

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Yawning in place

Snow- the ever-present, the all consuming, the wintry one- refuses to leave my doorstep. Here I labor another hour to keep awake, yawning in place, drugged by the power of dim lights and dark days. Sleep is a tenderhearted woman, … Continue reading

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