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Dreaming of Spring

When cold grey covers my pointed hood when Wind’s icy fingers grow I think back to the sweetest Spring back to where my heart would go down among the fragrant pine in hollows steep with trees I go there still … Continue reading

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The wind outside is blowing so hard that some dude’s mind just passed by. I know it because a weather genius stood out in the cold and reported the story. And, you and I both know that when a weatherman … Continue reading

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Just a walk in the rain

Have a silly little song stuck in my head- I made up. I feel about fourteen, stuck in a 1930s musical like “Singin’ in the Rain,” and wondering where, oh where, is my dream girl…maybe she’s singin’ and dancin’ in … Continue reading

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and it rained the whole night long

It is in the wee hours of the morning, long before the sun rises to startle the new day with warmth. My bed is empty, the overhead lights are on, and I am frustrated by the intellectual and literal nausea … Continue reading

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Is there more hot air today than ever before?

What do you think of “global warming?” I agree with it- only on one premise. I have never seen nor heard so much hot air coming from the political forces of the world than today. I have to agree with … Continue reading

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Ask and you shall get…snow!

Thank you, God! A nice big fat snowstorm with five inches of fluffy stuff- good enough for a mental break from the merry-go-round- one snow day of solitude. It gave me time to vacuum the carpet and flooring, and cook a wonderful … Continue reading

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Needing a nasty snow, badly!

Give me a good massive snow storm, in excess of six inches any day of the week, and I’ll be a lot happier a few days from now. It comes with the territory here- or is supposed to- like Igloos … Continue reading

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