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young people like to commit suicide by jumping off that big bridge. if you travel to West Virginia, or you plan to travel to West Virginia, and you pick up some brochures…or go to a website…and look….I can almost guarantee, … Continue reading

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a palette of rainflowers

a palette of flowers…on a soggy spring afternoon… with purple trillium…and… little blue and chartreuse colored spring wildflowers along the rail trail… ….a vibrant carpet of fresh scent, fresh color, and fresh experiences…

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Getting to the Middle of nowhere

 (from a Middle Island meadow, looking back to a bridge over the Ohio River) A photo journey to Middle Island in the Ohio River, part of a national wildlife refuge… (home to numerous wildlife….) (Headland Trail, Middle Island) (spring trail-side … Continue reading

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walking across america

Aubrey Benmark started out from Brooklyn, New York, on Saint Patrick’s Day, and crossed the bridge over Blennerhassett Island into Ohio today. I saw her this morning, but did not know it- she crossed the highway with some kind of … Continue reading

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Mountain Quintet # 1

this is for the great masses who enjoy diverse forms of poetry. i confess to not being very talented at formulaic verse, since my passion to write is more iconoclastic…preferring poetic fiction, poetic prose, and subject matter inspired by subject … Continue reading

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it’s nearly spring, and those mountain roads are calling

it is not for the faint of heart to travel some of the more rugged and remote roads of West Virginia…but so many are waiting for you and I…to travel down that corridor…into wild and wonderful mountain landscapes, with surprises … Continue reading

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A Name Poem: The Mountain State

Pickle Street, Hewett Creek, Guyandotte, Jodie, Kanawha Trace, Ogden, Oley, Bowdie, Wheeling Creek, Whitmer, Whymer, Cobb Hico, Hicks Ridge, Huff Creek, Johnny Knob.   Tea Creek, Stonecoal, Shawver, Swiss, Millstone, Mountain View, Minden, Bliss, Klondike, Keeny’s Creek, Burnt House, Dailey, … Continue reading

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Peace in our time

As I walked along the trail today, vicious dogs threatened, ignorant rednecks stared, and a host of people invaded my search for peace…on a trail supposedly maintained by the state government.  Which brings me to my premise: Do we, as … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!   …from West Virginia… Photo: Blennerhasset Island State Park in the Ohio River

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My peace and The Presence

along my walk today, i stopped to sit awhile and listened to the sounds of creation…a flow of melody by an orchestra of pebbles and stones washed over by an unrelenting stream… …it was music to me, and to the … Continue reading

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