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One more time round the ice rink

it’s fun to watch the neighborhood outside my window this morning. not because i am having fun, but because none of us is having fun. at least yesterday i was able to clear the driveway. today, i cannot stand up … Continue reading

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the end of 2020

can i get a choir of non-angelic creatures to sing a chorus celebrating the coming demise of 2020? one more year of this kind of senseless torture…that i cannot imagine. can we just round up the bad actors and send … Continue reading

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way back in the day, there was a short-lived craze where men…and boys…and even some females…purchased and wore military surplus coats, hats, scarves…and yes, even military grade wool. wool socks. wool hats. wool thick enough to hold off a Siberian … Continue reading

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global cooling…a love story

this is the year of March. the month when, with all my hopes…piled like a snowdrift against the roof of the house, the world of white flying spectacular finally ends…and the corresponding frigidness of a multitude thaws….or at least heads … Continue reading

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a tornado comes to Garrett Hill

gray outstretched arms waving without and within, a song sent over the ridge ridge-crest-covering crescendo, ripping siding from wall-sides snapping the breath from my dried lips… face to the ground, face to the ground……. a glob of bright red acrylic … Continue reading

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at home in the library at the end of the Earth

children used to understand and visualize a bookend with metal, bronze, or some other sort of hard material- unlike the boring metal book ends of the 20th century…and it was within those bookends in a snug little room with the … Continue reading

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watching your seasons change

if i was to sit on this bench and watch your seasons change…would i see you bloom in spring, thrive in summer, celebrate autumn, and weather winter? or, would i see you wither with the falling leaves, to be trampled … Continue reading

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what’s in the pot: chicken soup

every time i go to Ohio, i look for “German” egg noodles. this time i found them at a small local grocery, sitting in stacks of noodle heaven. here, end to end, i found Mrs. Miller’s Amish noodles, Inn Maid … Continue reading

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It is about -20 Celsius right now outside (-7 farenheight) …the kind of weather no one should be walking around in…unless you’re wearing enough padding that you resemble a Panda bear. but it wasn’t like that about six hours ago, … Continue reading

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Five Below and a Vortex of Snow

The snowfall is dancing around outside my window, a nice break from the killer Polar Vortex that came- with teeth a thousand miles wide and breath like Frosty the Snowman. It is scheduled to make an appearance again tonight, like … Continue reading

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