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Mister Congeniality

i have never won an award for candor, comedy, or confusion…but i am sure that my followers might consider me for a “Mister Congeniality” award. Or, maybe not.  You see, trying to live a life as a disciple of Jesus … Continue reading

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Counting to 300

This is my 300th post on thelostkerryman. How do I celebrate this time? Please…I would rather not toot my own horn. But, maybe you can help me if you were to tell me the best of the 300 posts…in your … Continue reading

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Thank God for wordpress

If you live in America, you know that the basic freedoms we had thirty years ago have so eroded that we now live in a land where…many street corners have surveillance cameras, people are paid to spy on you, your … Continue reading

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101 New Blogging Challenges

As you may know, the blog life here at wordpress has produced many serial postings. These include a 30 day poetry challenge, 100 Happy Days challenge, thankful day challenge, as well as “bucket lists” and “top ten lists.” In recognition … Continue reading

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i could get lost

i could get lost in the sound of your voice lost in the song that you sing lost in the dance of my heart once again starting to dream…   i could grow younger in the sound of your beckoning … Continue reading

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An Ode to An Expired Carton of Greek Delight

this evening i have been reading some good poetry, from Kirsten Uninterrupted http://www.kirstenuninterrupted.wordpress.com             and The Forlorn Fairy ( http://www.eclecticdirections.wordpress.com ). i love their poetry and hope you will too… i confess to feeling a … Continue reading

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it was nice to see recent visits to thelostkerryman from a wide variety of places…like Oman, Sweden, Ukraine, Mongolia, Belarus, Finland, and Norway. it is amazing that in some way, my writing can touch someone so far away… but i … Continue reading

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a lovely new fiction post

I have posted another fiction piece. The link is not working. Go to “fiction” and look for my gravatar and Mr and Mrs Boring and The Day After. It is best to read each segment, starting from the begining if you … Continue reading

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after 227 posts, i want to thank all of you for visiting my site, reading, and commenting. today i had a visit from one in the lovely nation of Belize, a jewel nestled in between Mexico, Guatemala, and the Carribean. … Continue reading

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Fear and loathing in the USA

If I had a nickel for every time someone misunderstood me, I’d be wealthier than Bill Gates. The latest poll about Americans and their trust- or lack of it- is shining through big time in several places. Still, I still … Continue reading

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