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questions in the dark

when I was twenty-three, I thought life was chocolate cake… yet so many sobering faces confronted me from the crowd that lived the longest- no sunshine in their veins, nor smiles in the topo lines etched in flesh  their passing like the scent of a … Continue reading

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A New Year in The Middle Ages

I resolve, within the hours remaining before the big hand and the little hand are both on the twelve, to (1) be soberly considering a theme for the New Year (2) be engrossed in some sort of activity that appears … Continue reading

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Stalking the not-so-wild turkey

a long, long time ago in a state of mind far, far away, things were different. people were different. even animals were different. and some of it was good. people knew to throw out expired food, smart people did not converse using … Continue reading

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Smatterings of falling poetry

somewhere….out in the country, or even the city…it is raining poetry. Poetry from the sky, poetry on the slippery grass, poetry even when I slip… …but mainly, there is poetry in my brain…the contents of which are cataloged in gray … Continue reading

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if you’re breathing and you know it, clap your hands

I thought I’d died and woke up in a nursing home; I’ve never seen so many senior citizens waiting in line to eat… By the time we were seated on the far side of the restaurant, I counted four children … Continue reading

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a tangled reach toward the sun

tangled reach toward the sun…limbs spreading toward day, while it still remains…and i walk along a narrowing path down to water’s edge…there is yet a beauty in the grey-white. something i cannot convince myself- when studying the weathered faces of … Continue reading

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