the window

i had a friend…intensely dear…who would wax poetic about the aftertaste of mocha, latte, and anything amaretto. she did not like coffee, she would proclaim, but the taste was a mnemonic link with her past. so she drank it, gulped it. like a never-ending rosary, she recited the line that it was necessary…

there were lines in her face. the ones that never left. the ones the foundation tried to hide. the ones that forced their way through a smile. she could not hide from them. for they were her history.

but i saw love in those lines. i saw gentleness. i saw a passion for life. not the fading years. not the fading promise…

in the stillness, i like to sit at my red and white checkered tablecloth, the candles lit, the flames flickering against reflecting panes, and remember those lines…the ones i said, the ones she said. they were not captured in the wind, nor written in a thousand poems, nor remembered on the five hundred miles home. but somewhere they are etched on a window beyond this place, beyond this time...

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Top Ten of Something You haven’t seen yet

not everything under the sun has been done yet- like surfing across Antarctica licking lollipops or climbing the world’s tallest ice cream cone with one shoe. and the same can be said for Top Ten lists. sure, you have seen “Top ten sailing vacations,” “Top ten salads of the world,” and “top ten friendly dogs.” but have you seen the top ten stupidest English words and phrases ever invented?

i didn’t think so.

welcome to a trip down semantic lane. please do not trip over your tongue.

10. “You looked!” I have no idea where this stupid reactionary phrase came from but it had to do with a hand gesture…some might suggest it was a sign of white supremacy (like 99% of everything ever invented), but if you looked down at someone giving the OK sign, they derided you with derision (which is the only thing one would deride you with) and ridicule (more on ridicule later). frankly it was about as funny as wetting your pants at the symphony…

9. “Ridicule.” Frankly, they could have chosen a better word to describe the action. It simply sounds like an industrial toilet cleaner or a word for deciphering crossword puzzle blanks. It is much too silly sounding to be taken seriously.

8. “Over the hill.” Not “Over the moon,” which is a grand statement and is just what you need to say in such a situation. but “over the hill?” If I am 50…or 60, am I over the hill? Unlikely, as I would much rather be “down the hill” than over it. it takes too much energy to be over the hill, and I’ve no time for that.

7. “Frankly, my dear.” if you’re thinking Clark Gable in “Gone with the Wind,” you’re thinking along with me. Why would Clark…king of the tactless characters of the world when everything was in Black and White….use the word “frankly,” when he was always frank?

6. “Let me be frank.” Let me be frank about this- Even if Lucy with her beautiful British English used it in a sentence, it would not make this phrase any less ridiculous. If you use “let me be frank” does that mean everything you said before the phrase was insincere…or a lie? no more being frank…as I am no hot dog.

5. “It is what it is.” Excuse me while I gargle with industrial marbles in my mouth. It is what it is…industrial marbles rolling around in my mouth…would mean I had industrial marbles in my mouth. Frankly…no we’re not going there…but why couldn’t we expand the meaning of a word like….ibid…and use that? Much shorter and not a long Wreck-of-the-Edmund-Fitzgerald useless sequence of words employed to say what you just said. Or, as Gaeigle, “Sin e.”

4. “Their poop don’t stink.” Really? Who cares if their poop does stink- do I really want to get into a conversation about feces when I am trying to explain how aloof they are? How about using sophisticated words rather than third grade potty words?

3. “Straight from the horse’s mouth.” Have you ever been close to a horse’s mouth? Or a donkey’s mouth? Well, I have. I had a free range donkey come after me the other day on my agricultural adventures while trying to get photos of a house for a client. That donkey’s breath could knock the buzzard off a ____ wagon, it was so strong. Horses, eating fermenting hay, could use some oral help, so I do not want anything straight from the horse’s mouth…ewww!

2. “Giddy.” When I hear someone say that so and so was giddy, I want to respond in kind with “gosh,” or “gee willickers.” Really folks, how is that still a thing? She was simply giddy with excitement? Yep. And I am five years old again…Giddy up, horsey.

And…Numero Uno. “Woke.” Truly a word created from the depths of semantic hell. How is something “woke” when the people engaging in “woke” are asleep in their own little fantasy world? If she’s so woke that she slept through the lecture at school, I think we have a problem. “Wokeism” sounds like a scientific process to cause the eyes to bulge so no one gets any sleep anymore. I am sure that would happen if I had a steady diet of television “news.” Oh, please don’t woke me when this is over…

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no more time to waste

Evil has a long leash, and he is running about like a dog with rabies, threatening to pull the stake out of the yard…longing to tear into something, anything…to gnash his teeth, to taste the frenzy…heart and mouth full of impatience…he senses a time to fulfill, to satisfy.

he is easily discernable to the naked eye, yet so many stumble in the darkness that Evil nips at the heels of passersby. they forget the sounds of deception, these naked men and women…naked in thought and deed…so they are easily bruised at the back.

how long will you sleep, oh sluggard?

how long will you whittle away the day?

how long until you open your eyes?

the days are here, there is no sign that they are not. it is a useless question, to question the times and seasons when the season is obvious. when the sun sets, you call it night, when the sun rises you call it day. how then can you not see the sun going down when it is fading in the west?

there are more than wars and rumors of wars. more than plagues, fires, and pestilence. more than lawlessness about every turn of the corner.

this is our time- we are born for these last days. the time to wait is over. the time to waste is past. the time for being deliberate is now.

deliberate in selfless love

deliberate in boundless hope

deliberate in fear-shattering faith

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Where is your heart?

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Is your heart focused on the material, or is it focused on the spiritual?

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the glory is coming

When you look around, and see you see Darkness appearing to overtake the world, remember what The Word says, that the greater the darkness, the greater the glory will be.

brothers and sisters, if you are discouraged, know this- it is you who is to be the light of the world. you cannot hide the joy and love of The Lord and expect change. nor can you shine your light when you have spent little time in His glory. not soaking. not visualization. but in the spirit confessing, dying to one’s self, and rising anew with Christ, that you might go out and shine like the stars in the Heaven, reflecting the glory of God, for His glory, not yours.

the godless age worships itself, not understanding that to do so is a reflection of the Accuser. But, a broken and contrite spirit God will honor. In your humility, acting in faith, God is glorified, because you have become a vessel for His kingdom. It is a blessing to live simply in Christ, to be content with what God provides, and to rely on the One who has all the answers, moving out in faith only in Him, to be that ambassador, that instrument, for His glory.

the last days are here. the time is now. time to die to self, rise with Christ, and walk in His glory, that the whole earth will know the King.

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Happy Christmas!

To all who live life changed forever by that first heavenly light in the sky that announced the coming of The King…

Have a faith-filled Christmas.

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the word that sums up the essence of what has spread across the globe- the opposite of faith, love, and hope. The one who speaks fear over the airwaves, over people, over nations, does not love, does not care, does not have your best interests. they cannot be trusted. they will not speak truth. they will not speak life. they will speak lies to perpetuate fear.

fear, despair, and hate hang like spiritual walls around those who isolate themselves because they have bought the lies of fear. there is no room for unselfish, untainted love. there is no room for hope because fear has erased all certainty. there is no room for faith because they have bought into the material while being blinded by the dark spiritual.

Perfect love casts out all fear.

In an imperfect world, there is only one source for perfect love. It is a spiritual love, a force that cannot be contained by the walls of fear.

and those who have dismissed fear, who have chosen to trust in that perfect Love, have God’s worldview. they have chosen, they have pledged allegiance, to a Kingdom that overcomes fear, just as the light overcomes darkness in any room. while the fearful spend their days resigned to a future that progressively deteriorates, those who have God’s worldview are at peace. no matter what dark forces wreak havoc, fear has a short lifespan in light of eternity.

Because if we are in Christ…

God has not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.

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why i cannot laugh anymore….

when laughter is absent from morning to night

when you have to set up an appointment to stop by someone’s house

when nobody in the checkout line smiles anymore…

when a neighbor is no longer a neighbor, but a total stranger

when imaginary reality is valued over reality

when formerly rational men and women are afraid of microbial space

when Orwell’s 1984 seems tame compared to the last two years

when fear and loathing become more important than statistical reality

when freedoms die like the falling leaves of autumn

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Memorial Day 2021

the most shocking sense about the death of another is the finality of it. it is total absence, with no scents nor sounds. Once there was a presence, now there is no substance. and like a an old pressed flower, it fades, though the pages against which it has rested may have an imprint, left upon another, even when it is gone.

we know you were here, and our memories do not betray us. though they gray with the age of time, the imprint remains within us, even if it is muddied a bit by a dreary rain. we may even forget the face, until we have to glance at a photograph to bring clarity to that muddied imprint.

we who remain behind grapple with a transition that took no amount of time, as they passed from material to another realm, while we remain gaping at the shell, dumbstruck by the lack of movement…

some may find solace in knowing that there is no warmth remaining.

some may find solace in leaving no expression left inside.

and some may find solace in choosing to remain inconsolable, as if the one who died was solely responsible for leaving those who remained.

they are gone. we are here. how we incorporate that finality into the fabric of our hearts is our journey. it is not really their memorial, they have no need for it. it is ours.

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choose this day

the past two years have been needlessly negative. if you choose to write, read, or listen to material that leads you to a state of obsessive reclusiveness, as a covidian, you should probably read someone else’s blog, because i will not share in your desire to spread fear.

The One I follow spread unselfish love, not fear. He dealt in reality, not in a fantasy world where facts are meaningless and feelings are equal with “your own little reality world.” Life is so much more tiring having to listen to windbags whine about Doomsday over a plague with a 99% survival rate….you’d think we were living in the 13th century dealing with the Bubonic Plague.

i am done with the control freaks who cover their faces like repressed slaves

i am done with the losers who bow down to the godless medi-elite and hang on every word they say as they constantly change their minds every week

i am done with the soviet-era propaganda visible everywhere

no more negative. no more fear. no more lies.

i choose love, which has no room for fear. i choose life, which has no room for destruction. i choose freedom, which has no room for slavery.

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