Ten Things To Pray For In The Year 2014: # 3 Compassion

without compassion, no one in this world would breathe their next breath. it’s strangely wonderful, this thing we call breathing. it keeps us going, it reminds us we are alive, and it helps take us to new divine appointments.

today, as i was driving through the city, i sensed God telling me to go toward WalMart. No, not to WalMart, toward WalMart. Without going into details, I ended up being part of what God wanted to do in someone else’s life…because…I felt God’s compassion within for that person.

when was the last time you stopped to ask someone if you could help them? yeah, you, the one with the twenty dollar bill in your pocket. have you thought that maybe that twenty dollar bill is in your pocket, not your purse or wallet, because God wants you to use it to bless someone who needs your compassion today? i know, not just from the Word of God, but because i have been on both ends of that twenty dollar bill.

there was a time in my life when i had to feed and clothe more than myself, yet i did not have the funds, nor a job that paid enough, to meet the needs. i went without new clothes longer, since i was the adult. 

one Sunday i sat with my wife and children in a church we belonged to and heard God tell me that the man in front of me had money- I believe it was a twenty- that he wanted the man to give us to bless us. yet the man in front of me, a man in charge of a large company, did not turn around and give me the money. he walked out of the church without blessing our family. not much later he lost his job as the manager of that large company…

today, i met someone who i have met before, a person with a lifestyle so distinctly different, and even grating, to me, that it is only God’s compassion that moved me to help. If I went by my flesh and did what I wanted to do, I would not give this person even a glance. 

If Jesus sat with a woman literally caught just a few minutes before in the very act of adultery and He had compassion on her, tell me who does not deserve the compassion of God? After all, if you are a Christian, a true Christian, you know that it is only God’s grace that keeps you from being as bad off as the woman caught in adultery…or anything else that seems horrendous to us. Jesus died for you and that woman, and whoever you are to have compassion on today. remember that, and use your breath to live life abundantly, in compassion, loving even the one you would never love without Christ, the hope of Glory, within you.


3 responses to “Ten Things To Pray For In The Year 2014: # 3 Compassion”

  1. I can sit around and read, read, read, talk about what a virtuous way of life would be like, one with higher moral standards till the cows come home, but what good will it do if I don’t put them into practice; integrate them into my daily life. There has to come a time in our lives when we put the books down… and do the work, otherwise, it will continue to only be words.
    What is it that keeps me from living a fuller life where peace and love reign in my heart? It’s the wall I have put up between me and my brother, making him invisible to me. One way to see him more clearly might be:
    Bring into your mind, someone who you feel has done you wrong. Really take a good look at this person, be honest with how you feel about him. Ponder the things he has done to you that has left you with coldness in you’re heart toward him.
    Then step back and take a good look…at you. Why do you think that he has done something so bad, that forgiveness isn’t possible. Have you never done anything to hurt someone before, or have you simply forgotten you have. By humbling yourself, and getting off the pedestal you have put yourself on, you will realize you’ve been this person before, the one hoping to be forgiven for perhaps the unforgivable. And in this moment, you feel you’re brothers heart… you’re heart.

  2. Thank you for this reminder. My mom experienced this recently. She walked up to a family and just started talking to them, found out they were Christians and told them her struggles with my dad’s dying and asked for prayer. Not only did they all pray at the store, they gave her 20.00. She didn’t need the 20 but she did need the love behind it. She gave the 20 to a family in need, Passing It On, another thing we often forget to do. Great post Daithi.

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