you have just been exposed

in the so-called dark ages, the established institutional church went on a campaign to gather “tithes” from peasants, often depriving them of their daily bread and butter, and even causing loss of life. so, when the Protestants came railing against abuses within that institutional body, they sounded genuinely sincere. But after some time, they too began to demand money from the poor in order to propagate their beliefs throughout the world. But to appease their God, or so they thought, they sacrificed monies toward that institutional body while the heathens perished en masse. Only an enlightened minority carried out more of the tenants of the actual faith. Such was the tale of many of the commoners within the church for many centuries.

And then a spark came to change that…or so it appeared. yet even that group fell into building programs and storing up treasures on earth. You could say that the recent megachurch and telechurch is the best example of this climax, where a twisted old testament doctrine and greed and obstinancy meet in a trinity of heresy.

These bodies of faith profess to be Christian, lead by glamorous leaders. These kings of this alternative Christendom, what some label “Churchianity,”  have become worshipful masters of deceit, controlling commoners and those with wealth alike…exacting from the faithful great sums of money and allegiance that would make any post-medieval pope look saintly in comparison. They launch crusades of greed to fund their empires while promising uncountable blessings, as if they alone have the power to create such blessings. 

These blessings come when a “church member” contributes at least 10% of his or her gross financial income to the workings of the organization. This is supported by dubious text within the Bible, particularly old covenant law designed to feed, clothe, and furnish the Levites and those religious costs associated with operating a Jewish religious organization.

While this is certainly not new, the fact is that there are many within the institutionalized church who are using these tactics to maintain the institutions of Churchianity- church property, church events, church t-shirts and the like. While this is not evil in itself, threatening the flock with a $5,000 offering or “we’re not going to make it” is obscene. Who told these leaders that sinking money into expanding the light system so it rivals any megaconcert is what Jesus commands us to do? Or, the sound system. Or a multimillion dollar gymnasium so “kids can play basketball.” This, all in the name of a God who told us to go out and make disciples of all nations, not to go out and build buildings with denominational names on them. It nauseates me the more I see the truth of the real gospel as it is written within the pages of the New Testament.

So, I challenge any “church leader” to find for me, in the New Testament, scriptures that exhort us to:

1. Pay a tithe so… that the light bill for a physical structure is paid, so that a heating system costing hundreds of dollars can house some people three or four times a week while the homeless freeze to death outside, so you can build a glorious sound system or shock and awe light show, so the pastor and wife…I mean pope and his mistress…can go on vacation for two weeks while the rest of your congregation works hard to pay bills and cannot afford any vacation, so the building can grow while thousands outside your door do not hear the true gospel from within the pages of the Bible…and you did nothing physically to share with them.

2. Create a membership roll like what might be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. A member can be controlled. A “church” will report every last cent that member puts in the offering plate…hmmm, is that somewhat different from the exhortation to give cheerfully…making sure the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing? 

3. Build a Kingdom of Buildings…and be a comfortable, safe place where you can follow a ritualistic program complete with “liturgy.” What liturgy? From whom? Who are you emulating?

4. Hold revivals to get people “slain” in the spirit. Funny thing, that “slain.” If you read the word of God, every time people fell backward it was because of judgment. No, people seeking God fell forward, prostate- on the ground or floor- in humility, not shaking like a idiot with half a brain.

5. Preach a gospel that states that a person just needs to pray the sinner’s prayer…and then everything after that doesn’t matter, as long as they are convinced in their minds that they are saved, then they are saved. Nevermind about sinning after that….

I have news for you. If you have been living a lie, comfortable in your cocoon of Churchianity, you are about to be exposed. You who believe there is no need to be concerned about sin because God is always smiling down on us…wait till you come face to face with the truth. The Word states that you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. Don’t you think it is time to be honest with yourself, your congregation, and God? We don’t have time for this alternative church, we have a job to do- we have to actually put our love to action and do what Jesus told us to do. 

3 responses to “you have just been exposed”

  1. A stark truth, unfortunately. Although our church does a lot of outward work with its givings, too often we are asked to give so the church can have new floors, paint, or whatever. We are now locked in a catch 22 with providing space to various community groups, since our diocese has demanded a $5 million liability insurance coverage contract to use the space, making it financially out of reach to the very people we need to be serving.

  2. Powerful words. You sound like A.W. Tozer. Tozer was a great man of God.

    Tithing is Old Testament, not New Testament.

    Amen: too much churchianity, not enough Jesus or obedience to the Lord. There are many ministries in the Body of Christ. We don’t have to go through a church organization to have a ministry or to do the will of our Father. Go to the Father and He will tell you what you need to do. Very simple—the simplicity that is in Christ.

    “The Old Cross and the New”

    “50 Year Old Prophecy from Tozer”

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