Dreaming of a Road Trip


It’s that time of year,

deep-buried by the snow,

I glance at my map,

and plan where to go…


I have a map in one hand, a cold glass of ginger beer in another. It’s about 14 degrees (farenheight- however the heck you spell it- not celsius) outside, cold enough to freeze your appendage to a slick parking lot…if you accidentally fell down…and the snow keeps coming.

It’s evenings like these when I long for the beach, long for the open road, long for the warm wind brushing my hair back…the summer sun still above bedline, lingering to hear more craic, more culture, and watch me cross more contour lines…before I spend another night sleeping under the stars or under the sheets.

I confess to daydreaming in map-vision. I can picture those lines- those red, black, and blue highways, the ones that aren’t as straight as the bolder, wider expressways. The map transforms into pictures, and pictures into places my boots and my tail end must take me, before day’s end wags her sorry head in regret.


Sitting in my armchair, I am an adventurer. My thoughts take me forward, and sometimes, they even take me back somewhere.

I have traveled along the haul roads of Ohio,

‘long back highways that never seem to end,

through cities as numerous as the hours…

and I am just getting started, my friend…

on a snow day…

3 responses to “Dreaming of a Road Trip”

  1. I love road trips! The last one I took was two years ago down to Florida from New Jersey. It’s amazing isn’t it? I love to travel and explore this great big world of ours. I’ve been fortunate enough to see 8 different countries and I still want to see more! There is something special about road trips though. Someday I want to go cross country to the West Coast. I’ve been to many different States too, but one place I fear of going is the desert for some reason. I feel as though a fish out of water when I’m not around some sort of body of water. All that desert land and thinking I’ll fry to death out there just scares me. Haha. Great post!

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