I was walkin’ down the street in June

I was walkin’ down the street in June

I was walkin’ with my fork and spoon

Went into Dairy Queen to buy a float

Then ran out to tie my Billy Goat

Got a shovel for my friends in line

They talkin’ funny stuff all the time

Got a cake and a cone and shake

With shamrock green and no snake

Cause I’m an Irishman rappin’ cool

Like Saint Patrick or a holy well pool

I’m the ticket, yes. that’s the truth

cause I can rap like an inpacted tooth



Ad nauseum…

“This rap was brought to you today by the letter R and the number 1.”

…and this is why I don’t rap. It is as painful as listening to Big Bird trying to sing an intelligent song, or watching garbage trucks pass through a gate…for a living. I’m going to stick with real poetry…can I get a witness?

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